Toilet Clogged? At you'll find all the clogged toilet information you need and more for that clogged toilet, toilet clog, backed up toilet or overflowing toilet.

Clogged Toilet?

When dealing with toilet clogs, sometimes the only tool you need is a plunger. But, if it's a backed up toilet, or overflowing toilet, you're probably past the plunger option. And if you're searching for tips online, you're probably way past the plunger option.

So when a plunger won't take care of that toilet clog, it's time to call a professional plumber or rooting service because some toilet clogs may be much more than just a clogged toilet, such as backed up plumbing, septic tank service issues or tree roots in your sewer lines.

Multiple toilet clogs over a short period of time, backed-up toilets, or over-flowing toilets, are also indicators that professional help is probably needed.

Does the floor surface around the toilet feel spongy? Wet for no reason? Is the caulking around the base of the tolet moist, moldy or spongy? Then it's past time for home remedies for that backed up toilet, clogged toilet or toilet clog and time to find a professional plumber. Toilet on a second floor? A leaking toilet can cause untold water damage to electrical work, appliances, walls, and ceilings below it.

Backed Up Toilet?

Over Flowing Toilet? Again, remember that an overflowing toilet, clogged toilet or similar toilet problem may be a much larger problem than you are aware of. Professional plumbers or rooting services are equipped to fix a clogged toilet, backedup toilet, over flowing toilet and toilet clogs; as well as ensure it's not a bigger problem.

Clogged toilet